• Ullock Pike, Longside Edge & Carl Side - Saturday 4th September, 2021

    Want to experience some terrific views along a wonderful ridge whilst bagging 3 Wainwrights?

    New to walking in the mountains and want to get more experience walking in mountain terrain?


    Join us on this guided walk which, weather permitting, offers wonderful views across Bassenthwaite and the North/North Western fells.  We will meet at the Ravenstone Manor Hotel, located next to our footpath. There is a small, free car park next to the hotel and other smaller car parks nearby - you will need to allow yourself some time to get parked and make your way to our meeting point.

    After an initial ascent from the start, guaranteed to wake up your lungs and calves, we will traverse along a path which skirts the foot of Ullock Pike an takes us to the beginning of the ridge. Once on the ridge, when not distracting by the views, we will take our time walking steadily across and up the ridge which should not pose too much of a challenge technically nor cause any vertigo! The very last part of the approach to the summit is more uneven and extra care is required. Once we have refuelled and taken photos, we will walk the short distance to Longside Edge and then on towards Carl Side, where we will see tremendous views across Keswick and the surrounding fells. We will make our way carefully down a gravel/grassy path which leads us to the forest tracks through Dodd, taking us back to the start.


    What's included:

    • Leadership and navigation from qualified mountain leader / first aider
    • Wonderful views (weather permitting)
    • Group camararderie, support and a few laughs
    • Sense of achievement at the end along with great memories and photos


    Start / finish: Ravenstone Manor Hotel

    Distance: 6 miles

    Total ascent: 2276ft

    Duration: 5-6 hours

    Wainwrights: 3

    Maximum group ratio: 6:1

    Strenuousness level: Strenuous (refer to 'Am I fit enough?' page on website


    To book your place or for more information, please email us at

    Private guiding also available on alternative dates.


    Maximum group ratio:  6:1


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